Uniform Exchange

Families can donate, exchange and/or purchase gently used uniform items. You may drop off donations or exchanges in the Uniform Exchange located up the stairs adjacent to Nurse Webb's office.
How to exchange or donate:
To receive exchange credit you must label your bag of clothing and place it on the shelves to the left of the door of the Uniform Exchange. Any uniforms received without a name will be considered a donation and will not be eligible for exchange credit. You will receive credit for your items based on our current pricing values and condition. Please note that we are not set up to offer tax deductible receipts for donations. When making an exchange, we ask that you adhere strictly to the guidelines below. 
Uniform Exchange Guidelines:
1. Only Trinity approved uniforms are accepted. (i.e. No Gap, Old Navy or other brand shorts or skirts.)
2. Uniform items must be clean and in good condition—no rips, stains or tears. Items that are overly faded may not be accepted for exchange credit.
3. Names must be crossed out.
4. Exchange credit will be given only if items are placed in a separate bag with a name attached. Loose items are considered donations.
5. We do not accept leggings, socks, or Trinity spirit t-shirts.
6. We are unable to credit items on the day of the uniform exchange. 
Exchange Dates for School Year:
Our first clothing exchange will be on registration day from 7:30-9:00am. Keep an eye on Childpost for exchanges throughout the year but they are typically held in the mornings the first Friday of the month.
After Registration Day, all exchanges are held on the second floor, up the stairs located adjacent to Nurse Webb's office.
If you have questions, please contact us at tpg@trinitynola.com.
Uniform Exchange Value/Pricing Chart:
Short sleeve shirts $ 5.00
Long sleeve shirts $ 5.00
Shorts/ Skorts/ Skirts/Sweatpants $10.00
Plaid skirts $15.00
Pants $10.00
PE Shirts $5.00
PE Shorts $5.00
Sweaters/ All Sweatshirts/Fleeces $15.00
Jumpers $15.00
Blazers $20.00

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