TPG Board Members

Amber Beezley, President
The President oversees executive committee meetings and all events sponsored by the TPG and serves as a liaison among the administration, faculty, Board of Trustees, and parents. The President presents an overview of the distribution of Wish List funds grants annually.

Shameen Wrighton, Vice President/President Elect
The Vice President/President Elect works closely with the President throughout the year in a learning and planning role.

Scott Gottsche, 2nd Vice President/Dad's Club
The 2nd Vice President carries out special assignments as requested by the President and functions as a vital member of the Board leadership team. 2nd VP also serves as Dads' Club President.

Dorothy Mann, Corresponding Secretary
The Corresponding Secretary is the voice of the Parents’ Group, sending out our message of welcome, thanks, sympathy, or congratulations, when deemed appropriate, to the parents and faculty of the school. The corresponding secretary also serves as the Parents’ Group Historian.

Sarah Ehrensing, Recording Secretary
The Recording Secretary records and distributes TPG Board Meeting minutes. Most importantly, Recording Secretary compiles the faculty and staff Wish List and Enrichment Grants.

Renée Labadie, Treasurer
The Treasurer provides financial oversight for ongoing income/expenses and money market accounts. The Parents’ Group operates on a three-year budget since the major fundraisers rotate on a three-year cycle (Follies, La Boucherie and Auction). Ideally the Treasurer serves a 1-year term as Treasurer-Elect, then as Treasurer.

Joe Gorman, Treasurer-Elect
The Vice-Treasurer/Treasurer-Elect assists the Treasurer in tracking the Parents' Group income and expenses and prepares to serve as Treasurer the following year.